Top 40 Designs for Shoe Logos


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    Top 40 Designs for Shoe Logos

    If we look at the vibrant and trendy fashion world, footwear stands out as a beacon of functionality, personal style, and comfort. However, before a shoe can step into the world of fashion and retail, it needs the perfect emblem to represent its purpose to customers. Contrary to popular belief, the design concepts of show logos are an art form on its own that branches out further than just visual aesthetics. For many people, including designers and customers, show logos is about creating an individualized identity that resonates with their personal style and sets them apart from other people.

    Brand logo shoes stand as icons themselves, forming a deep connection with the consumers. Shoe logos and names extend beyond just trademarks, they reflect old cultures, historical events, lifestyles, revolutions, art styles, etc. Whether it’s a logo for sneakers, tennis shoes, or football, they all represent the designer’s and wearer’s aspirations. Studying logo for shoes is about delving further into the narratives each brand offers for their footwear and learning how each design concept for a logo on shoes portrays that.

    Whether it’s the specific color themes, fonts, shapes, or strategic spacing, each of these design elements plays a role in contributing to the consumer psyche and art style. So, whether you’re a designer seeking to learn about what design concept makes a shoe logo famous and how it influences consumer psyche, or a brand on the lookout to redefine their product’s emblems, you can use this list of renowned logo designs for shoes to help you find the right design concept combination you’re looking for.

    40 Best Shoe Brand Logos You Should Check Out

    A perfectly executed shoe brand logo acts as an identifier, helping build loyalty and trust and empowering a brand to connect with its consumers. From an artistic aspect, it should reflect the consumers’ personal style and become a medium of self-expression and lifestyle. You can understand the balance of these two goals when it comes to shoe logo designing by taking a look at some of the famous shoe logo designs we’ve compiled below:

    1. Adidas

    When it comes to athletic shoe logos, even people who aren’t in on the footwear scene can identify an Adidas logo. Featuring a three-stripe mark in the design, the Adidas logo is one of the top easily recognizable shoe logo designd. The font used in the logo is sans-serif font with three white stripes in descending order.

    2. Asics

    Sporting a much more modern design with its text in lowercase curved letters, the Asics logo is an example of how having a simple and efficient design can make it more famous. This running shoe brand logo is simple, and sleek, and gets the point across without being too much visually.

    3. Nike

    Nike’s tick logo on shoes is a perfect example of how a shoe logo is an identifier. The iconic checkmark design was created by designer Carolyn Davidson for just $35. The font is an italicized sans-serif text.

    4. New Balance

    You might’ve seen this iconic and timeless NB logo before. This design has five speedmarks compared to the previous versions with the font being Avant Garde Demibold text.

    5. FILA

    The subtle touches make this logo distinctly famous among all sports shoe logos. FILA’s logo has some letters missing from it, which adds a creative touch and a sporty feel to it.

    6. Under Armour

    Under Armour’s shoe logo has curved interlocked lines creating a ribbon-like silhouette while also forming the letters U and A. The font is called Montalban and is in all caps.

    7. Bata

    A trendsetter in shoemaking, Bata’s famous footwear logo comprises a vibrant red design with the letters joining each other in an italicized effect. The logo has the font Helvetica, contributing to its timelessness.

    8. Puma

    One of the most famous logos of all time, Puma’s logo design features a monochrome and recognizable design. The font in the wordmark is called My Puma.

    9. Reebok

    Reebok has one of the most famous sneaker logos when it comes to the footwear industry. Reebok’s logo design for its shoes has a Delta symbol in bold and consists of a font called Motter Tektura.

    10. Vans

    A titan in the sneaker brand logos, Vans’s design was originally created by the owner’s son for a stencil. The logo itself is written in a geometric sans serif typeface with the font Tepeno sans. The V is stretched out and turned right over the other three letters.

    11. Converse

    You will notice a black star intersecting a chevron in Converse’s logo, which contributes to how being simple and efficient with your design can easily catch the consumer’s attention. The design has a monochromatic palette and a flat design giving it a dynamic look with a Metropolis font.

    12. DC

    If you spot something similar to two Ds coming together on a logo for shoes, you might be able to tell it’s DC. Consisting of an angular, bold D coming together with the letter C with a star at its end, DC’s logo look gives it a sleek yet creative appeal.

    13. Diadora

    This one from Diadora is unique and creative among the various sports brand logos. Consisting of a bird in a V’ like silhouette, Diadora’s logo is a reflection of the brand’s free spirit in sports and lifestyle. It also consists of rounded letters in a black palette with a custom sans serif typeface.

    14. Saucony

    The abstract river logo with three boulders in Saucony’s logo is a homage to the company’s roots and brand identity. The letters are all in lowercase with a black color palette with a bold and minimalistic wordmark.

    15. Mizuno

    Known as the Runbird, Mizuno’s shoe logo design represents the company’s stylistic innovations in footwear. The letter M consists of three parallel lines, with the letters in a bold typeface.

    16. Lotto

    Highly rated by most athletes worldwide, Lotto’s logo is an example of the brand’s versatility and consistency. The letters in the wordmark are bold and italicized while the color palette of the design has white lettering. The design features two arrow shapes combined, representing two sports fields making a diamond.

    17. Giovanni Fabiani

    When it comes to revered designer shoe brand logos, Giovanni’s minimalist logo sets itself apart in the designer shoe brand realm. The logo uses stylized letters that capture the brand’s essence in simplicity.

    18. Beckett Simonon

    Featuring a distinct black design, Beckett Simonon’s logo design embodies its precision and elegance in shoemaking. It has a modern bold serif font in the wordmark with each letter being custom-designed.

    19. Columbia

    Known for originality, Columbia‘s shoe logo is stylistic and unique. Having kept its iconic woven textile symbol, the design hasn’t changed much in its lifetime. The design is a combination of fonts such as Serat Demi or P22 wedge with a bold serif typeface.

    20. Crocs

    Easily recognizable among consumers in the US, Crocs’s logo reflects the company’s targeted demographic. The design features a cartoon crocodile in a circular frame with a circular typeface in black.

    21. Dr. Martens

    Sub-cultures such as punks, goths, and alternative people are one of the biggest reasons behind the growing popularity of self-expression via shoe logos. Dr. Martens’s target audience is these people, which is why the logo embodies that rebellious spirit that people belonging to these subcultures love. The design is vibrant with bold black letters which are designed above a circle that features their tagline.

    22. Lacoste

    An example of a designer shoe logo representing a brand’s legacy of refinement and quality, Lacoste’s shoe logo design embodies all of that. It features a dark green crocodile, which you might note is more elaborately depicted, compared to the one in Crocs. The typeface has the brand’s name written in large black letters.

    23. Sanuk

    Standing out because of its vibrant and playful look, Sanuk’s logo has the brand’s name in a relaxed font style over a green background. The letter U has been designed to portray a smiley face, which makes it an iconic shoe logo design among its consumers.

    24. Ozark Trail

    Famous as a brand that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, Ozark Trail’s logo features a stylized black-colored mountain that embodies that outdoor spirit. Its typeface is minimal and straightforward.

    25. Skechers

    An example of a classical wordmark logo, the logo design showcases the brand’s straightforward and honest identity. The font used in the design is Serpentine Std Bold Oblique.

    26. Toms

    Another example of sleekness and minimalism, Toms’s logo is simple and elegant, which is something its consumers deeply appreciate. It has rounded, bold black letters in a sans-serif typeface showcasing the brand’s straightforward image.

    27. UGG

    UGGs is a brand known for comfort and functionality. Their shoe brand logo is a depiction of their quality, being elegant and modest in looks.

    28. Umbro

    Also known as The Double Diamond, Umbro has one of the most famous running shoe logos in the market. Their design showcases the brand’s link to sports and their iconic footwear for football. Its pointed design concept has two diamonds inside and below is the brand’s name written in a modern sans-serif font in lowercase.

    29. Wilson

    Known for being a symbol in the athletic world, Wilson‘s shoe brand logo was designed in a dark red palette with the letters running together. Its rounded typeface together with the design embodies movement and life.

    30. Sperry

    Featuring a stylized sailboat with one sail, Sperry’s logo showcases what the brand sells and prides itself on. The word Sperry is rendered in a bold sans-serif typeface.

    31. Oofos

    Directing their shoes toward injured athletes and comfort seekers, the Oofos Logo showcases a simple, modern, clean typeface. The splash of green among the blue adds a vibrant touch to this shoe brand logo design.

    32. Clarks

    Clarks’s shoe logo design is a tribute to its founders. The typeface has a black color palette with its design showcasing the brand’s longevity.

    33. Merrell

    Famous for its juxtaposition of boldness and simplicity, Merrel’s designer shoe logo embodies the company’s emphasis on consistency and durability. The wordmark is designed in a sans-serif typeface in capital letters with a dark orange color palette

    34. Kappa

    Catering to the unisex consumer appeal, Kappa‘s shoe logo showcases its history of revolutionary fashion choices. It features two figures in a symmetrical back-to-back pose with a red contour. The typeface has the words Kappa in bold red letters.

    35. Hush Puppies

    Featuring an image of a basset hound, a breed known for their gentle and comfortable nature, this shoe logo encapsulates the brand’s image of offering comfortable shoes to children. The typeface has the company’s name in bold black letters.

    36. H&M

    H&M is a name famous for both its footwear and its shoes logo, especially in the US retail market. The typeface has H&M written in a dark red or crimson palette with an italic custom typeface.

    37. Burberry

    Burberry is a name famous among designer shoe brand lovers. Known for refinement, high quality, and luxury, their shoes logo design has an elegant black serif typeface that perfectly captures the brand’s essence. The font in the typeface is certainly similar to Moonlly Regular.

    38. Brooks

    This shoe logo from Brooks captures the spirit of liveliness and agility that the brand also offers in their footwear. It is set in a vibrant blue clear sans-serif typeface which highlights the brand’s focus on movement and activeness.

    39. Hi-Tec

    Created in a sans-serif font set in bold with a refined dark gray color palette, the design represents Hi-Tec’s focus on dedication and expert craftsmanship. The symbol on the left is in the shape of a half part of a key drawn in a circle.

    40. Moon Boot

    An example of an upbeat shoe brand logo design, Moon Boot’s logo captures the brand’s focus on innovative groundbreaking ideas. The font used in the typeface is similar to Amelia by Stan Davis.

    Self-Expression and Retail Psyche With Shoe Logo Designs

    By now you might’ve been able to identify how footwear brands use color themes, symbols, and artwork to help their consumers express themselves while also setting themselves apart in the competitive retail realm. These well-known shoe brand logos and top sneaker logos are more than just retail symbols; they are brand emblems that tell stories, pay homage, and embody certain messages to win over their target audience’s hearts.