25 Famous Crown Logo Designs to Inspire You


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    25 Famous Crown Logo Designs to Inspire You

    When highlighting a brand’s prestige, luxury, and elegance, crown logo designs are one of the best ways to accomplish that. If these adjectives represent a brand, their logo should reflect those characteristics too. Coming up with a crown logo design isn’t just about making a symbol, it’s about evoking a sense of power and majesty through visual elements.

    Picture a logo that doesn’t just symbolize a brand’s presence, but marks it with the grandeur and regality of a coronation. That’s what an effectively designed crown logo can do for a brand. Aside from reflecting a brand’s prestige, successfully designed crown logos have the power to attract a business’s specific target audience, feed into the consumer psyche, and set it apart from its competitors in a market.

    In the world of branding, logos with crowns symbolize more than just luxury, they embody excellence, authority, and tradition. Whether you’re a brand starting out or a graphic designer looking for some much-needed inspiration, you might think that there are limited creative liberties you can take when it comes to designing a crown logo. However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most premium crown logo ideas that perfectly blend creative elements, ranging from classic elegance to modern minimalism, while still imparting a sense of luxury and premium quality.

    25 Best Crown Logo Designs Worth Checking Out

    Throughout the ages, crown logos have gone through many alterations, but the consistency in what they symbolize remains unchanged. Their portrayal of status, authority, and class has been used in many aspects, including commerce. It’s important to note how each crown logo design uses its color schemes, design elements, and fonts to reflect the brand’s symbolism. Take a look at this list of best 25 crown logos for some inspiration:

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    1. Rolex


    When you think of a crown logo, you think of luxury. And when it comes to Rolex’s crown logo design, their concept fits the description to a tee. Their golden crown logo is quite simplistic, with a font called Garamond spelling the brand’s name in a royal emerald green color palette. This crown logo is simple, elegant, and most of all reflects what Rolex wants to impart to its customers—unparalleled luxury.

    2. SAAB


    SAAB’s minimalist crown logo design reflects the company’s desire to stay simple and efficient with its high-class cars. It features a griffin in a dark grey circle containing criss-crossed lines. The wordmark uses the font Gill Sans, which gives off a regal vibe.

    3. Dolce & Gabbana

    Dolce & Gabbana

    A famous clothing brand with crown logo that uses minimalism to portray its elegance, Dolce & Gabbana has one of the best crown logo designs in the competition. The crown logo’s monochrome color palette helps add a sense of regality to its overall look. The font in the design is a Futura, which is famous in the fashion designer industry for its minimalistic look.

    4. Budweiser


    Called ‘The King of Beers’ because of its giant standing in the beer-making industry, Budweiser’s logo with a red crown has a crown on a red and white slanted bow-like design with the brand name beneath. The font used in the letters is also called Budweiser, which is custom-made with a slightly italic effect.

    5. Warsteiner


    Warsteiner‘s golden crown logo features a compact, circular design in a luxurious light gold color. The design showcases a crown between the date of the brand’s founding, with the name of the brand in the middle in a Gothic font with a black color palette.

    6. Corona


    One of the most easily recognizable crown logos, Corona’s crown logo design gives off an old English look in an Ancient serif font. The griffin-adorned crown in a blue and gold color palette sits above the brand’s name and draws its inspiration from a famous church in Mexico.

    7. Royal Caribbean International

    Royal Caribbean International

    RCI’s crown logo design mixes royalty and oceanic voyages in the best way possible. The emblem features a crown on top of a ship anchor in a blue square in a tribute to the monarchy of the brand’s country, Norway. The name is designed in yellow and blue rectangles with Galliard, a serif font.

    8. Queen


    Queen, one of the most famous rock bands of all time, features the zodiac signs of the members in its crown logo design. The logo features two phoenixes, two lions, and an eagle, with the design resembling the coat of arms of England, home of its band members. The letters are in a serif font with all capital letters.

    9. Kansas City Royals

    Kansas City Royals

    This crown logo design from Kansas City Royals features the initials “ KC” of the team’s home city of Kansas in a dark blue crest. This specific gold crown logo is in pale gold and sits above the crest, referencing the team’s title. The font used in the design is a custom-designed font made specifically for the team.

    10. Hallmark


    You might have seen this crown logo popping up when you’re out buying postcards. Yes, we’re talking about Hallmark, which has one of the most famous crown logo designs in the competition. A crown sits atop the wordmark with the black color palette being used in the design. The stylish letters used in the logo are designed in a custom font which is similar to a font named Channel.

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    11. Clash Royale

    Clash Royale

    Clash Royale has one of the most prominent logos in the gaming industry because of its insanely growing popularity, which is contributed by its unique golden crown logo design. The emblem features a crest in a dark blue color and gold frames with a gold crown designed in the middle. The typeface is in a gold and silver color in capital letters with the font being similar to a font called “You Blockhead”.

    12. Orient


    The crown logo design from Orient is simple yet iconic, with its stylishness giving the company prominence among its peers in the watchmaking industry. Orient’s design features a grey crown atop a shield supported by two lions, with the letter “O” encased in the shield in a red Gothic-style font. The font used in the wordmark is serif.

    13. Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    Who could take a look at this crown logo and wouldn’t be able to tell where it’s from? Just by taking one look at this logo, you can recognize Disney’s unparalleled creativity and its contribution to the animation film industry. This creative design features the crown in little diamonds and the iconic Disney logo underneath it, all encased in a diamond-shaped black space. The letters and the crown are in a luxurious gold color with the timeless Disney font.

    14. Konplott


    When it comes to your typical jewelry brand logos, Konplott’s crown logo might appear a bit messy at first, but its uniqueness sets it apart from other luxury jewelry brands in its competition. The logo showcases its detail with a design of a heart inside a frog with a crown above in an oval-shaped design. As far as crown logo designs go, this one is extremely detail-centric, featuring details such as its founding date and the name of the brand in a distinct typeface. The font is custom-designed as well.

    15. Starbucks


    Starbucks, one of the most famous coffee brands in the world, features a unique and creative design with a Siren drawn in a circular design. You can spot a siren situated in the middle of the circle with a white crown, with the upper circle showcasing the famous brand name. The logo’s green, white, and black color palette with its stylish design combined makes the company’s name more famous and illustrious. The font used in the design is the Freight Sans font.

    16. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal

    Displaying a crown atop a cushion, Crown Royal‘s crown logo design goes back to 1939 when it first served its drink to the royalty of England. The crown symbolizes the brand’s high quality, prominent and unparalleled taste, and its elite standing in the industry. The font used in the design is a handwritten font made exclusively for the brand.

    17. Real Sociedad

    Real Sociedad

    An example of a crown logo that pays homage to a team’s roots, history, and distinctions in the sports world, Real Sociedad’s crown logo embodies all the traits mentioned. The design showcases a flag wrapped around a brown football with the letters “SS” standing for San Sebastian where the club hails from. Atop the football sits the crown which represents the city’s history of patronage by a former king of Spain.

    18. Standard De Liège

    Standard De Liège

    Standard de Liege, a Belgian soccer club has a gold crown logo design that resonates with the brand’s history and its legacy as one of the strongest teams in Belgium. It features a crown with three peaks and a star atop a shield. The shield is divided into two parts with the smaller side being red, and the other one white comprising the initials of the team,” SL “.

    19. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Proudly showing off the king of pop Michael Jackson’s initials, the crown logo represents the singer’s creativity and uniqueness, with his music revolutionizing the music industry. The design is creative and elegant and showcases the letters J and M, with J combining with M near the center line with a crown on top of J in a black color palette. The font is rendered in a minimalist, sleek design.

    20. Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo

    Known for being a dominant name in the sports car industry, Alfa Romeo’s crown logo was designed in a circular shape resembling a sports car tire. The design is pleasantly vibrant, comprising a snake breathing fire, two red stripes running along the edge, and a crown with three dots atop the snake’s head. The name of the brand is in Futura Bold font and is warped in a circular design in the upper circle in an elegant dark blue color.

    21. OGC Nice

    OGC Nice

    OGC Nice’s crown logo design features a strong, crowned brown eagle clutching a shield, which showcases the team’s high standing and resilience in football. The shield encases the name of the team in bold letters with red stripes designed in the lower half of the shield.

    22. Toronto Marlies

    Toronto Marlies

    With a color scheme so vibrant, you’d proudly wear it on a t-shirt, Toronto Marlies’s crown logo design is simple yet attractive while displaying the team’s connection with its city. The design of a maple leaf is a reference to their parent club, and the blue crown with floral ornaments in it pays tribute to the team’s resilience in sportsmanship.

    23. Real Madrid

    Real Madrid

    Known for having a royal-like status because of their history in football, Real Madrid’s blue and yellow logo design with a red crown logo embodies all of that. Its design showcases a beautiful red and gold crown sitting atop a badge with blue borders containing the letters M, F, and C as a tribute to its founding name as Madrid Football Club. The letters used in the design were created especially back in 1902.

    24. Noble


    Noble, a car company known for building amazing sports cars, has a crown logo that represents the qualities of the products focused on consistency and agility. The logo is divided into two parts, a crown made up of two N’s, one straight and the other flipped, and the word Noble, which is italicized in thin capital letters inside a yellow number plate.

    25. English Premier League

    English Premier League

    This crown logo from the EPL perfectly captures the feelings of royalty and free spirit, two of the league’s core values. The logo is in a minimalist style with a design of a crown atop the lion in purple color in a font called Radikal.

    Sparking Up Creativity With Iconic Crown Logo Designs

    Creating a crown logo design is like crafting a work of art that represents refinement, authority, and honor. Whether it shines through minimalist lines, vintage charm, or abstract design elements, the royalty and luxury that crown logos impart can help a brand express its identity and become a symbol of pride for its customers.

    It’s important to remember that a well-executed crown logo design does more than become the face of the brand, it also reflects its narrative and history and does its job of elevating the brand’s presence in the world of commerce and digital retail. We hope you were able to find some creative inspiration from this list of unique crown logo designs that can help you spark up your mental gears to design a crown logo that won’t be just a symbol, but a statement.