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    Make your social media promotion strategies polished and firm to win over clients all over the United States

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    Take a look at our work that has been regarded in high prestige. Our professionals are here to work on your social media presence.

    Our Packages

    • "Suitable for newly formed organizations or small incubated startups"

    • "3 postings per week (per network) Facebook + Twitter + Instagram"

    • Content Creation

    • Business Page Optimization

    • Social Media Strategy (Overview)

    • Facebook Likes Campaign

    • Monthly Progress report

    • Copy Writing

    • "For medium-sized stable organizations looking to climb up the corporate ladder."

    • "5 postings per week (per network) Facebook + Twitter + Instagram"

    • Business Page Optimization

    • Ad Campaign Management

    • Spam monitoring

    • Monthly Progress report

    • Copywriting & Visual designs

    • Reputation Management

    • Social Account Setup

    • Content Creation

    • "For pre-established businesses that aim to maintain their presence and claim the crown."

    • "6 postings per week (per network) Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Linkedin"

    • Copywriting & Visual designs

    • Business Page Optimization

    • Ad Campaign Management

    • Spam monitoring

    • Reputation Management

    • Social Account Setup

    • Content Creation

    • Social Media Hearing

    You Need A Social Media Management Company To Influence Trends

    We make your social media branding spread far and wide with impactful posts and trends.


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    How Do We Work On Social Media?

    Organic social media marketing times, time and a clear plan. We make it happen by gathering the attention and bringing it to your brand.

    clear analysis

    Analyzing the latest trends and news for your social media management marketing. We keep an eye out for the most catchy content that can bring life to your online presence.

    Brand Recognition

    Raise awareness by indulging in smart social media advertising services with Expert Logo. We work hard to provide you with a platform that shows off your best strengths and aspects.

    Data Analytics

    Your platform presence which includes Instagram and Facebo0ok social media marketing takes time to develop. By understanding the insights and statistics, we can work to expand your success overtime.

    Smart Planning

    Frim and direct planning helps achieve goals and meet deadlines. A social media agency for a small business is all you need to make your efforts noticed.

    Fast Improvement

    A social media advertising company allows you to see gradual and consistent success over your online milestones. Professionals can oversee your outcomes and make them secure and long-lasting.

    Final Results

    The time has come for you to reap the benefits of your hard work. We, as a team, are here to make you reach your goals and find your game.

    Top Ranked Development Firm

    We take pride in our exceptional development services, and this is one of the reasons why people put their trust in our services for growing exponentially.

    What Our Clients Are Saying?
    50 + reviews

    I was at a loss for what I wanted the logo for my start-up to look like as this was my first time. The design team at Expert Logo Design was incredibly helpful and experienced. They helped me narrow down the objectives for my logo creation and with a couple...

    -William Avila, Entrepreneur

    Thank you so much guys! I’m so happy with how my logos came out, even if it took a couple of revisions. Your graphic designers were very accommodating to work with, allowing me complete liberty to request any changes I wanted. The ideation process was also fun since I knew...

    Theresa Nunez, Social Media Manager

    These people at expert logo were a treat to work with. In just a day, I had the logo I wanted for my product’s rebranding ready to be uploaded on my site. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to hire custom branding logo design services. Great work, people.

    Mikolaj Stafford, CEO

    Having rejected a couple of logo concepts from other logo design services already, I was a bit indifferent when I approached expertlogo.design Safe to say, not only I was blown away by their quality of services, but also in love with how well my brand’s logo came out. Despite my...

    Jordanne Hardin, Creative Director

    Frequently asked questions:

    Why is social media important?

    Social media is a leading platform for marketing and awareness. Almost everyone has mobile phones now, which makes access easier. Choose a popular platform for better presence and engagement rates to boost your brand’s awareness.

    How essential is consistency?

    Consistency is key if you want to become successful on social media platforms. People want new content. If they like what you post, they will always want more. Give them constant reminders of your presence for better outcomes.

    Which social media platforms matter?

    The most popular social media spaces are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, you can always choose to post on different platforms for better reach and engagement.

    What does a boosted post mean?

    A boosted post on social media means that there has been a payment between the brand and platform to help raise awareness of the post. Boosted social media posts give more sales, leads and attention.

    How much should I pay for social media marketing?

    Boosted posts have a certain budget that you need to meet. This budget can be influenced by how much attention and insights you need for a better post.

    What is a clear difference between an ad and a post?

    An ad is essentially paid advertising. A post is what normal consumers consume and your content gets updated regularly. You can control your posts and see organic results naturally.