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    I was at a loss for what I wanted the logo for my start-up to look like as this was my first time. The design team at Expert Logo Design was incredibly helpful and experienced. They helped me narrow down the objectives for my logo creation and with a couple...

    -William Avila, Entrepreneur

    Thank you so much guys! I’m so happy with how my logos came out, even if it took a couple of revisions. Your graphic designers were very accommodating to work with, allowing me complete liberty to request any changes I wanted. The ideation process was also fun since I knew...

    Theresa Nunez, Social Media Manager

    These people at expert logo were a treat to work with. In just a day, I had the logo I wanted for my product’s rebranding ready to be uploaded on my site. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to hire custom branding logo design services. Great work, people.

    Mikolaj Stafford, CEO

    Having rejected a couple of logo concepts from other logo design services already, I was a bit indifferent when I approached expertlogo.design Safe to say, not only I was blown away by their quality of services, but also in love with how well my brand’s logo came out. Despite my...

    Jordanne Hardin, Creative Director

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    Our Packages For Your Brand Logo

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    • 1 Expert Designer(s)

    • 1 HQ Design(s)

    • 2 Revision Rounds

    • 3 Day(s) Delivery

    • 3D Mockups

    • 2 Expert Designer(s)

    • 2 HQ Design(s)

    • 4 Revision Rounds

    • 2 Day(s) Delivery

    • Vector Source Files

    • 3D Mockups

    • 3 Expert Designer(s)

    • 3 HQ Design(s)

    • 6 Revision Rounds

    • 2 Day(s) Delivery

    • Vector Source Files

    • 3D Mockups

    Frequently asked questions:

    How much do your logos cost?

    We have settled the pricing scheme in the package descriptions above. Make sure to see which package aligns with your 3D logo animation design idea!

    Are you able to change the colors and effects of my logo intro?

    Yes, we can! We offer you unlimited revisions and focus on making your idea come into reality.

    What If I do not have an idea for an animation studio logo?

    We can help you with that! Our team is efficient and creative when it comes to designing the best logo video production material. You can rely on us to guide you towards the best solutions for your business.

    Do you offer custom logo animations?

    Of course! Our team is able to use their skills to enhance your idea into a complete video animated logo. If you have any logo animation examples, we can use those too as inspiration.

    Can you use different motions and elements in the animation logo video?

    We are able to utilize our tools and resources to provide you with your desired logo video production. Our best logo animators are efficient and quick to work!